What We Believe

Our Vision:
To transform the life of every individual within our community and to prepare them for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:
To make CWC the center for ministries, where all men, women and children can come to hear the Word of God, experience the power and love of Jesus Christ, and be trained to evangelize and transform lives for the Kingdom of God.

Fundamental Beliefs:
The Holy Scriptures
The Trinity
The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit
The Great Controversy
The Experience of Salvation
The Remnant and Its Mission
Unity in the Body of Christ
The Lord’s Supper
The Gift of Prophecy
The Law of God
The Sabbath
Christian Behavior
Marriage and the Family
Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary
The Second Coming of Christ
Death and Resurrection
The Millennium and the End of Sin
The New Earth

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