Pastoral Team

To enhance the spiritual life of the CWC COMMUNITY.

By attending to the spiritual needs of each member, through contact and prayer, utilizing electronic media and other available means of communication.

CDKA, Asst. Head Elder, Pastoral Admin/Worship

CWC Springfield Gardens SDA Church has been Elder D. Marcia Coombs’s home church since 2001. It was love at first sight for Springfield and Elder Coombs. The love was so deep that she could not tear herself away. CWC Springfield is a warm and loving place. It never seems to lose its charm, no matter what wind may be passing through.

Elder D. Marcia Coombs has served CWC Springfield as Children’s Sabbath School teacher, Adult Sabbath School Teacher, Health Ministries Director, Women’s Ministries Director, Head Clerk, Pathfinder and Adventurer Director, Deaconess, Usher, and presently as Assistant Head Elder. Elder Coombs acknowledges that it is an honor for her to be a servant in such a loving environment as Springfield. She prays that God will continue to give her the strength and drive to serve His people well.

Elder Coombs is the first female elected to the office of eldership at CWC. She is an educator with the NY City public school system.

DKA, Evangelism/Doctrinal Instruction

Elder Allman has been an Elder of the Springfield Gardens SDA Church, since 2010. He migrated to the United States in 2008 and fell in love with the Springfield Gardens SDA Church right away. Although he came as an ordained Elder, he was not in a hurry to accept an office. It was his love for audio/visual aids that revealed his expertise and tagged him with the title- Sound Technician. He has no intention of finding another church home. Springfield Gardens SDA Church has found a special place in his heart. The fellowship is exhilarating and the worship of God is done in an atmosphere of reverence and awe.

Elder Allman has a passion for music but his first love is prophecy. He believes that here lies the wisdom that God intends for us to gain. He believes that every Christian should closely and prayerfully study and meditate upon the prophecies of the Bible. Elder Allman loves to sing and he often leads out in song service. Although he claims that he cannot sing, he possesses a wonderful baritone. He is always learning new hymns and teaching them to the congregation. He believes that music is truly an integral part of worship.

Elder Courtney Barham’s initial visit to CWC, then Springfield Gardens SDA Church, was in 1980. He relocated to New York in 2007 and after visiting a few area churches decided to attend CWC.

Elder Barham has been serving in the CWC eldership since 2012. Prior to that he served as a deacon and was ordained into the deaconate. He believes that serving God helps the Christian to grow. He is a lover of time prophecies, so Daniel 8 is precious to him. He also loves the prophecies contained in the book of Revelation.

Elder Colin MacIntosh currently serves the CWC family as an elder, as the Stewardship Ministries leader, and as an assistant in the treasury. He serves with courtesy and discipline, two qualities taught to him by his parents. He believes God’s disciples should be pleasant and polite–courtesy–and that in serving God the Christian should be disciplined in service, meaning dedicated and serious about service. Elder MacIntosh accepted Christ in 2000. Prior to the eldership, he served as a deacon. He finds pleasure in doing God’s work and enjoys sharing God’s word and His blessings. Matthew 6:33 is his favorite text: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

A personal word from Elder Mac…

This principle (Matt. 6:33) taught by Jesus Christ is an open invitation for us to prioritize our thoughts and lives. It is also an assurance to us that he will take care of all our needs if we put him first.

Too often material things are the main object of our search in life. This often causes worry, stress, pain, and sickness. Remember that nothing lasts forever in this world and there are no guarantees except God and His righteousness.

Jesus asked the question, “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Let us consider this…let us choose life. Jesus is life eternal and his grace is sufficient. Jesus loves you…yes…He loves you and He cares.

I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church, and participated in church things, because I was expected to. But guess what, I soon came to enjoy it. Sabbath School lessons were wonderful, and I soon came to want to be just like Daniel, and brave queen Esther, and Joseph, and so many of my childhood bible characters. The Sabbath School lessons told me clearly, that Jesus loves me, and that he will always see me through, no matter how grim the situation appeared. And so began my Christian walk, and the foundation for my belief, that stands strong, even today. This Christian walk that allows me to continue to seek the silver lining behind every cloud; that allows me to pray my way through adversity, knowing that God is listening to my cry, and will step in when I least expect him to; that reminds me that I should not, can not, depend on myself; that the battle is the Lord’s, and that, like David, he will always deliver me………

Elder Ingrid Providence is one of two female elders at CWC Springfield Gardens SDA Church. She has been serving in this capacity since 2013. She is also currently the church clerk, a position which she has held for four years. Elder Providence is a branch manager for one of the well-known New York banks.

CDKA, Elder, Pastoral Care/Counseling

Elder Carlisle Reece has been a member of CWC since 1985. Currently the elder responsible for pastoral counseling and family life, he delights in serving God and his purpose is to hasten the soon return of Jesus Christ. He believes the word of God is powerful and that nothing can stop His, God’s, work.

In addition to the Eldership, Elder Reece also serves in the treasury. In the past he has worked as a deacon. His favorite text is Philippians 4:13